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Elham Akhlaghi (CV)

 Ph.D. General Linguistics
 Department of Linguistics
 Faculty of Letters and Humanities
 Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad (FUM)
 Email: elham.akhlaghi (at) mail(dot)um(dot)ac(dot)ir

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  Gmail,Skype: ElhamAkhlaghi80 |

I have been working as a researcher and lecturer in the best national universities (MUMS, FUM, PNU, UAST, CTPL, IRIU) of IRAN, since 2007. In 2011, I ranked 2nd in Iran’s National University Entrance Exam (Concours), and I elected as a Ph.D. of   Linguistics candidate at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and I graduated on September 2017 with Grade 19/28 out of 20. (GPA: 4 out of 4). I have done my Ph.D. thesis under the superviosn of Dr. Shahla Sharifi and its title is "A Study of lingual features of nonverbal experiences of Persian women and girls based on cognitive issues."


My intellectual curiosity, passion for learning, and adventurous spirit made me best student and researcher in the university and national events several times and I have been selected as a member of Elite Community in FUM since 2015. In addition, I have interested in different areas of researches such as Typology, Morphology, Applied Linguistics, Cognitive and Corpus Linguistics and I have published about 40 scientific articles in national and international journals and conferences. Also, I published a book which its title is "Linguistics, Connector of Science" in 2011.


Concurrently, I have contributed in different scientific national research projects and play an active role which really help me to improve my abilities in team working, project timing and budgets managment. In recent years, based on the subject of my Ph.D. thesis which was related to cognitive issues and participating in research projects which were related to Corpus Linguistics, I found out that function of brain and application of Linguistics in Computer Science is really attractive to me. As a result, I started to focus more on Neuroscience, Cognition, Neurolinguistics and Computational Linguistics. Consequently, most of my future researches will be in these research areas.