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Elham Akhlaghi's Research Experience:

 Research Associate, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad , 2015 - Now

              - Akhlaghi, E.,  Asghari Nekah, M. The study of language impairments in

parents of autistic children

-KamyabiGol, A., Akhlaghi, E., Habibi, H. Making Linguistic Corpus of Agriculture and Science’s Articles and its Application

-KamyabiGol, A., Akhlaghi, E., Habibi, H., Asgarian, E. (Linguistic Corpus of Humanities and engineering’s Articles and its Application


 Research Assistant, Astane Ghodse Razavi,   2014-2015


-Seyyedi, H., & Akhlaghi, E. Investigation of Stylistic Features of Quran in Word Collocation.  


 Researcher, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad , 2010 - 2017

 -The Study of Morphology in Modern Written Persian Based on Typological Approaches.

 -A Study of lingual features of nonverbal experiences of Persian women and girls based on cognitive issues.  



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